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Mobile app FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Budgetly's mobile app.

Is there a minimum system requirement to use the Budgetly app?

You need a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system that has access to Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

iPhone: Minimum requirement is iOS v13.4.

Android: Minimum requirement is Android 5.0.

Where can I download the app for iPhone or iPad?

    Download Budgetly on the App Store

Where can I download the app for Android?


Now that I have the app installed, how do I get started?

Login with the email address your Admin signed you up with. You should have received an email to set your password. You should not need to sign up.

Read our article on Logging into Budgetly for the first time.

How do I activate my physical card for spending?

Follow our step by step guide on activating a card.

I just made a purchase. Where do I upload the receipt?

You can upload your receipt in the app, by going to the transaction.

See our article on Uploading a receipt.

Can I tap my virtual card to pay from the Budgetly app?

No - to tap and pay with your virtual card, add it to your Apple or Google wallet.

Can I change my card PIN in the app?

Absolutely! Follow our guide on resetting your PIN.

Can I request additional funds through the Budgetly mobile app?

You can request additional funds from the Budgets screen in your app.

See how here!


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