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Some frequently asked questions about Budgetly users.

Do I pay $10 AUD per user or per card?

User creation is free. The cost of each Budgetly card is $10 AUD but there are no extra charges for having multiple users on the account. This allows your accountant to access the account without any additional fees.

I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

You sure can. See our instructions here.

Can I change my login email?

Your Admin can do this for you by editing your user profile.

What about my other details, like my phone number or surname?

You can change your number or job title. You can do this in app via More > Edit your profile.
We recommend confirming this with your Admin first.
If you need to update information such as your surname, please contact us.

I don't have a user's information handy, can I still add them to Budgetly?

Absolutely. If you don't have a prospective user's information such as their date of birth or phone number handy, you can invite them via email. Read our guide here.

One of our user's has left the organisation. Can I delete them?

When a user is no longer with your organization, you have the option to make them inactive. By doing this, their access to your Budgetly portal will be removed, and their card will become unusable.

For a step-by-step guide on how to make a user inactive, you can refer to our article here. Additionally, it is recommended to cancel their card to avoid any unnecessary charges.

I have more than one Budgetly account. Can I use the same login for both?

This is definitely possible, however there is a trick to ensuring it works correctly.

You must invite yourself (if you are an Admin) or be invited to the second account, rather than being added. Read more about our Switch company feature here.


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