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Budget FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about budgets.

What is a budget?

Budgets are your spending rules in Budgetly. They allow administrators to allocate set amounts for users to spend within chosen timeframes, giving the ability to set and control staff spending, whilst tracking available funds before and after purchases.

Can I have more than one budget for a user?

Yes, you can have one or multiple for any user - this allows you to set up specific spend limits on areas, departments, people, anything you like! You can be as granular or broad as you like with budgets - our team can help you tailor them to your needs. Read more about creating budgets here.

How do I change which budget my card is spending from?

Before you can make a purchase, you must make sure you are spending from the desired budget. See below your card in app or Budgetly.io to switch between them. For a step-by-step guide, read our help article here.

How do I set up a budget?

Our Create a budget help article takes you through this process in detail.

Does my budget need to have an start and expiry date?

It does not! This is purely optional. Expiry dates can be helpful if it is a budget for a certain project or event that you only want used in a certain timeframe.

Can I make changes to a budget after it has been created?

Absolutely. Admins can add and remove users from a budget, change the budget amount and frequency, any of it - it can all be amended as you see fit.

Is it possible to disable spending on a budget for a period of time?

You can pause a budget to stop spending on it by editing the budget, scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting 'Paused'. This will disable anyone spending from the budget until it is approved again by an Admin.

Can I delete a budget?

You can archive a budget which will disable spending and remove it from your main budgets screen.

Can a transaction's budget be changed after it has been made?

It sure can! If a user forgot to change their budget before making a transaction, an Admin can change the budget it came out of by going into the transaction itself.
Changing the budget will put the funds back on the original budget and draw them from the chosen budget.
See the below example or read our step by step article here.

What do user limits do?

User limits allow you to further limit each individual's spending within a budget in the chosen timeframes.
For example, if a budget limit was $1000 per month, you may wish to give the two users in the budget a user limit of $500. This avoids one person from spending the whole $1000 before the other user can make a purchase.

Can a budget's current available balance be changed?

Certainly. This can be done quickly using the top-up button on the Budgets screen.

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On click of this button, additional options will appear.
Read our Top-up or reduce a budget article for more information.

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Can I request more money if I have used all my budget?

Absolutely. See our helpful guide on requesting money.


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