How do I use my virtual card?

How to use your virtual card: a fully functional Visa card, just without the plastic.

They can live in your mobile wallet to be used anywhere that accepts contactless (NFC) payments or can simply remain in the Budgetly app to use when you need to make online purchases.

How can I see my virtual card details?

Go to your cards screen and navigate to your virtual card. Click on the eye icon in the bottom right hand corner of the card image to display all card details.

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How can I pay with my virtual card using my mobile phone?

You can tap and pay with your virtual card by adding it to your mobile wallet.

How many virtual cards can I have?

The sky is the limit! If you have a few different subscriptions to come from different budgets, you may choose to have one virtual card per budget.

How can I cancel my virtual card?

Our card cancelling article can take you through this process.


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