Add card to mobile wallet

If you have a virtual card, it can be added to your mobile's digital wallet to make contactless payments in store. Physical cards can also be added to your mobile wallet for your convenience.

Budgetly's virtual and physical cards are currently accepted by the two most common digital wallets: Apple Wallet (ApplePay) and Google Wallet (GooglePay).

Budgetly cards are not accepted by Samsung Wallet (SamsungPay) at this time.

How do I add my card to my digital wallet?

Adding your Budgetly card to your mobile is easy and we have step-by-step guides for both accepted wallets below.



Add card to Google Wallet (GooglePay)

Available on all Android devices with Near Field Communication (NFC)


Add card to Apple Wallet (ApplePay)

Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad.


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