Withdrawing cash

In the rare case where the Visa card is not accepted by a merchant, it might be convenient to withdraw cash instead. This article takes you through how and when you can.

Can I withdraw cash with my physical card?

Physical Budgetly cards are able to be used to withdraw cash from any bank or ATM, just like  any VISA card. 

Do I select debit, credit or cheque?

When withdrawing at an ATM with a Budgetly VISA card, you must select credit.

Can I withdraw cash with my virtual card?

No. Virtual cards cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Are there any fees for getting cash out?

ATM operator fees may be charged. This fee is solely determined and charged by the ATM operator. An example of ATM fees are:

ATM Fees

Can cash withdrawal be turned off?

This is something that Admin's can block at a user level, if they wish.

It can also be blocked for all cards on your account by a Budgetly team member.
If you wish to look at doing this, please reach out to our friendly support team on (02) 7908 5633 or create a ticket and we will be in touch.

Are there any limitations on how much or when I can withdraw?

There is a $500 USD limit per withdrawal in Australia or internationally.
There is no limit on the number of withdrawals per day.

Can I withdraw cash from a register at a supermarket such as Woolworths/Coles?

Unfortunately withdrawal is only possible on our cards from an ATM at this time.


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