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Setting up Xero

All transactions made with your Budgetly cards can be easily synced to Xero, including receipts. Let's go through the set up process.

1. Navigate to Finance -> Xero. Only company admins can access this page.


2. Click Connect to Xero. Enter your Xero login information and click Login. Give Budgetly permission to access your Xero Organisation by clicking Allow access.


3. Click Create Budgetly account in Xero button.

4. Set up your Xero Account Mappings. This is a required step as transactions without a category cannot be transferred to Xero. You can map multiple Budgetly categories to a single Xero Account.


5. Next, on Configure page, you may choose to Mark transactions as reconciled in Xero. We recommend consulting this option with your accountant.


6. You are all set! Continue to: Using the Xero integration