Release notes: 2 May 2024

Latest updates to Budgetly product

Layout changes

Side Navigation Bar:

  • New Collapsible Design: Experience a cleaner and more streamlined interface with the newly designed collapsible side navigation bar.
  • Switch Company Menu: Effortlessly navigate between different companies right from the sidebar.
  • Settings Menu: Easily access Account, Xero, Categories, Tags, Preferences, Billing, and Company Details within the convenient new collapsible Settings menu.
    image 41
  • Money Requests: Money Requests have been integrated into the Budgets page and are no longer displayed in the side navigation bar.
    Money requests

Budgets and Money requests on one page:

Now that Money Requests have been taken out of the sidebar, the Budgets page has been updated to have a tab view, allowing both budgets and money requests to be accessed in the same interface.

Money requests (1)

Top Navigation Bar:

  • Switch Company: Moved to the Side Navigation Bar.
  • Add Company: The option to add a company has been completely removed from the top navigation bar. 
  • Account Balance: Admins will no longer see the account balance displayed in the top navigation bar. 

Your account balance can still be found under Settings > Account.

We believe these updates will enhance your user experience, making account management more intuitive and efficient.