Is there a limit per transaction?

The limit amount per transaction depends on few factors. Learn what's the limit.

A transaction will always be rejected if the amount is not available in the budget selected by the card holder prior to the transaction being made. For example when a budget member has no more budget to spend for the month.

Limits in AUD:

  • up to $25,000 per transaction.
  • up to $500 per in-store transaction using GooglePay / ApplePay. (Visa Token Service)
  • For in-store transaction larger than $500 you must use a physical card.
  • Travellers outside Australia are advised to use a physical card.
  • up to $750 per ATM withdrawal. (which you can block)
  • up to $1500 ATM withdrawal per day. (which you can block)
  Physical card Virtual card
Online shopping $25,000 $25,000
In-store using Apple/GooglePay $500 $500
In-store using a plastic card $25,000 -



  • PIN and 3D-secure are merchant requirements to reduce costly chargebacks and improve security.
  • PIN code might be required for in-store payments over $100. You can set your PIN in Budgetly's mobile app.
  • A one-time password might be required by some merchants. You will receive the code by SMS or email. (3-D Secure)