How to dispute a transaction?

Step-by-step guide to review and dispute a transaction.

STEP 1 - Review before you dispute a transaction

It's important to query a transaction yourself before you contact us about a dispute.

Compare your receipts and statement

  • Check the transaction details in Budgetly Statement.
  • The name of the merchant might have changed but the amount charged looks familiar.
  • The date might have changed as there can be a delay (up to 7 days) between your actual purchase date and when it’s charged to your account.
  • The amount is different. It could happen if a purchase is made overseas, or from a merchant that’s located overseas as the amount is change based on the currency exchange rate for that day.
  • The amount is different. It could happen because of merchant surcharges (e.g. public holiday surcharges) or transaction fees.

You don’t remember a transaction

  • Check if a coworker has made the purchase. Budgetly is designed to avoid card sharing. but we got it: "old habits die hard".
  • Check your own calendar for any prompts to help you discover what the transaction could be.

STEP 2 - Contact the merchant directly

The merchant may be able to resolve issues like:

  1. defective or unsatisfactory products
  2. refunds received from the merchant which have not been processed to your account
  3. purchases charged more than once
  4. differences in amounts on your receipt and statement
  5. goods or services that you haven’t received, or
  6. you cancelled a regular payment but were still charges

STEP 3 - Lodge a transaction dispute with Budgetly

Click "Create ticket" button and provide us with the following information

  1. Your contact details, email & mobile number
  2. Transaction reference number
  3. Amount
  4. Date of the transaction as it appears on your statement
  5. Merchant
  6. Reason you are disputing the transaction.

NEXT: Budgetly support team will send you a form to fill, explaining the reason you are disputing the transaction. then we will work with our card issuing partner Nium. During the investigation, they might contact Visa, the merchant bank or the merchant itself. The delay could be up to 90 business days. If your dispute is accepted by Nium, the money will be refunded to your account.