Add GST to a transaction

This article takes you through how to manually enter in your GST on a transaction.

GST can be extracted automatically from a receipt 95% of the time for those on our Premium plan.

Entering in the GST component of a transaction is important for those on our Essentials plan or for Premium users on the rare occasions it cannot be extracted from the receipt.

After uploading your receipt and categorising your transaction, the next step is to enter the GST amount. This greatly assists your accounts team.

GST will often be listed clearly on a receipt or tax invoice. See example below:

Group 211-1Step 1

In your transaction, navigate to GST (under receipt).

Step 2

Tap Add GST.

If you are on a Premium plan and it has not extracted the GST from the receipt, it may say 'GST extraction unsuccessful'.

Step 3

Enter the GST amount including any decimal points.

Step 4

Tap Save GST.


Watch the video below to see GST added in action!


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